Case Study

Ezee used competitor pricing alerts in Amazon Ads strategy and increased sales

Ezee got price rise signals about their competitor from atom11. They used this information to bid high and steal sales from their competitors.

Apr 26, 2024

Ezee grabbed sales when competitor increased prices
Ezee grabbed sales when competitor increased prices


Ezee is one of India’s top brands in consumer disposables. Their products sell in the range of Aluminum foils, cling films and other disposable items. Ezee uses Atom11 software to manage their ad spend and retail analytics. 

The brand’s best-seller product, Aluminum foils, are tracking within category Top 5 in Best Seller Rank. To get growth, the team focused on stealing sales opportunities on the Amazon platform. To get more market share, they had to be aware. We call it “retail aware”.


The brand used atom11 to set up pricing and stock alerts on their top 3 competitors in the sub category.

In Nov '23, one of their competitors increased their pricing, they got an email alert from atom11 notifying them of price increase. In one click, the team increased their bids on the competitors product page targeting (SD and SP Product targeting campaigns).   


Prior to the bid increase, Ezee used to get ~8 orders/d from this target (@ ACOS 19.4%). Post the strategic bid increase, Ezee increased bids by 30% on this target. They started getting ~24 orders from the target (@ ACOS 12.2%). They were able to take advantage of this situation for ~a week, post which bids were brought down. 

Automation: With the competitor alerts feature, you will be able to track your competitors like a hawk and make changes to your bids within the atom11 console. To know more, book a call here.