Unlocking Success for Ecommerce Brands: Top 5 Must-Attend Sessions at Prosper Show'2024 (includes one Bonus session)

Get ahead in the ecommerce industry with the top 5 must-attend sessions at Prosper Show 2024 - unlock success for your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

Feb 24, 2024

atom11 Top 5 Must-Attend Sessions at Prosper Show'
atom11 Top 5 Must-Attend Sessions at Prosper Show'

If you are in the Amazon ecosystem, you’d know about the Prosper Show, largest seller event for Amazon sellers. It has long been a cornerstone event for e-comm. professionals. This is where sellers flock in March of every year – to network with peers, enhance their knowledge, gain insights into latest trends shaping the marketplaces.

The Prosper Show in 2024 is happening Mar 4 – Mar 6'2024. And this year, it is being promised as bigger and better than the past shows. From Amazon thought leaders to established sellers, from groundbreaking sessions challenging traditional ways of doing business to AI hackathons – you just cannot miss out on the madness.

As we delve into the lineup for the Prosper Show 2024, five talks stand out as absolute must-attends, promising to deliver invaluable strategies and perspectives for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon sales. Let’s dig into these:

#1: 5 Strategies to Boost Amazon Sales by Including Retail Signals Within Your Ads

By Neha Bhuchar, atom11

Neha Bhuchar is an ex-Amazon Advertising exec and the CEO of Amazon Ad automation software, Atom11. She has led Product and Account Management teams at Amazon Ads and comes with a very deep understanding of Amazon Ad algorithms. She will be talking about need to change traditional advertising practices in 2024.

Demystifying myths: 97% of Amazon sellers are using the same performance based Bid Optimization Strategy on Amazon ads. But if everyone is using the same strategy, then what’s your edge.

Join Neha Bhuchar, CEO, atom11, as she takes you through 5 retail aware strategies to gain an edge over your competitors and win on Amazon. Bhuchar's expertise in this area promises to offer attendees actionable insights into optimizing their advertising efforts and maximizing ROI.

#2: The Ultimate AI Hack-a-Thon

By Brent Wees

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize various industries, e-commerce is no exception. Wees session is the real deal if you are looking to use AI into your Amazon strategy. Join Brent Wees and his AI team as he dares you to build your Amazon business from idea to launch using only AI tools. Doesn’t it already sound like an obstacle race.

#3: Data Engineering Techniques You Need to Maximize Your Amazon Advertising Outcomes

By Ritu Java

Next up is Ritu Java's talk on "Data Engineering Techniques You Need to Maximize Your Amazon Advertising Outcomes." She will teach you how to blend data pipelines on refreshable google sheets and google BigQuery. And ofcourse, data is nothing without visualization – she will also teach you how to connect this data to Looker/ Power BI and other data visualization tools.

#4: KEYNOTE: Billions of Butts Wiped: How DUDE Wipes Disrupted Big Toilet Paper

By Sean Riley

No lineup would be complete without a compelling keynote address, and this year's Prosper Show delivers with "Billions of Butts Wiped: How DUDE Wipes Disrupted Big Toilet Paper" by Sean Riley. This keynote promises to offer attendees an inspiring look into the journey of DUDE Wipes, a disruptive force in the consumer goods industry. From humble beginnings to billion-dollar success, Riley's keynote is sure to leave attendees informed, inspired, and ready to disrupt their own industries.

#5: The Miracle of Negative Working Capital -- And Other Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

By Jon Derkits

In this session, Jon Derkits brings to light a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of running an Amazon business: cash flow management. By attending this session, Amazon sellers will gain practical insights and actionable strategies for improving cash flow management within their businesses. From calculating cash conversion cycles to negotiating extended payment terms with suppliers, attendees will leave equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance their financial well-being and drive long-term success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Bonus: Connecting With Gen Z Shoppers on Amazon: The Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

By Sherry Shi

This session delves into the burgeoning opportunity of reaching Gen Z consumers, particularly through the popular platform TikTok Shop. E-commerce professionals will gain a deeper understanding of the multi-billion dollar opportunity presented by connecting with Gen Z shoppers on Amazon through TikTok Shop. From leveraging the platform's features to creating compelling content and driving long-term success, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to tap into this lucrative market segment and stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce.

In addition to these six standout talks, attendees of the Prosper Show 2024 will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, network with industry peers, and gain valuable insights from leading experts in e-commerce. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the world of online retail, the Prosper Show offers something for everyone, making it a can't-miss event for anyone looking to take their Amazon sales to new heights.

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