Top 10 Teikametrics Alternatives in 2024

Discover 10 alternatives to Teikametrics in 2024. Explore new tools and platforms to enhance your e-commerce optimization and advertising strategies in this informative guide.

Dec 11, 2023

Alternatives to Teikametrics
Alternatives to Teikametrics

Amazon PPC is diverse and ever changing. Automation softwares stand as linchpin for businesses striving to move fast in the digital space. Tiekametrics is a popular software for Amazon and Walmart advertising. Their USP is their “Flywheel” platform that uses AI to help brands improve advertising performance.


But Tiekametrics has some downsides. For ex. consider some of the following reviews from Google:

“Signed up to Teikametrics, a total waste of money. I am very experienced with keywords and thought this platform would save me time. However, all my products lost ranking, incorrect bidding on keywords, money was being spent in a massive way on keywords that were not converting to sales. But Teikametrics is meant to save costs by putting non-performing keywords into negative keywords. This does not happen; they just spin keywords to produce more sales to take more money from you and not meeting ACOS targets, even though they were set to 15%, they were running at 30-40. This is a total scam and waste of money. After a week of deactivating this, I changed all my own keywords and went from £200 a day to £800. Customers also beware, a lot of reviews look fake.”

“This software is not designed for all products - be very careful. We lost 0000's using this. I would not recommend! We also used their managed services at a cost of $5000, although extremely polite, they could not even get it to work.”

Thankfully, there are great alternatives to choose from when it comes to managing advertising for brands as well as agencies. Following are our top picks:

1. atom11

Best for: Mid-market, agencies, brands

atom11 - Top 10 Teikametrics Alternative

atom11 is a retail-aware PPC automation software. It combines retail signals like inventory, pricing and digital shelf with Advertising so that you can run effective ads on Amazon. In addition to table stakes features for ad automation like automated KW harvesting, negations and bid suggestions, atom11 comes with a detailed analytics portal which seamlessly integrates retail and advertising metrics.

See below for a detailed set of features:

  • Retail aware automation: With atom11’s rule based automation, you can (a) use retail signals like inventory to optimize ads. For ex. you can choose to pause ads when your inventory is less than 15 days in hand. (b) automate KW harvesting and negation and never have to worry about it. Instead of completely automating KW harvesting, you can define guardrails for the same and then automate the same.

    Retail aware automation
  • Suggested Bids: atom11 provides suggested bids basis your defined target ACOS. Atom11 clients start to see impact on wasted spends and inefficient spends within a couple of weeks of using the system’s bid adjustment.

  • Hourly dayparting: With Amazon Marketing Stream data, you can set up dayparting on bids, budgets and placement level. You can use this data to increase and decrease campaign spend intensity by the time of the day.

    Retail aware automation

  • Complete Retail Analytics: atom11 is your complete ads and analytics solution for both vendors and sellers. You do not need 3 different softwares for ad automation, analytics and reporting. It is an all-in-one software that brings together retail, inventory, ads and pricing data in one place. It helps agencies and brands have richer PPC conversations and deep dives as all data is available in one place.


Atom11 offers tiered pricing as per your

For brands/ sellers between $2k-$10k in amazon ad spends, it is a flat fee of 199$/m

For brands/ sellers/ agencies between $10k-100k in Amazon ad spends, it starts at 499$

For brands/ sellers/ agencies >$100k in Amazon ad spends, there is custom pricing available

2. CommerceIQ

Best for: Enterprise, ML, All-in-one

CommerceIQ is an enterprise All-in-one PPC automation tool. Their integrated platform utilizes machine learning and automation across Advertising, supply chain, and sales operations to enable brands to gain market share profitably.


  • AI driven PPC automation: CommerceIQ is the only other retail aware advertising platform along with atom11. They act as one source of truth for enterprises to run their ecomm business through 1 platform. The machine learning algorithm automates kw harvesting not only through search term reports but also through their inhouse KW research tools.

  • Share of voice: By linking advertising data, strategies and execution, brands are able to increase share of voice on specific keywords. This gives them a lever for both organic and advertising growth.

  • Supply chain: Retail aware automation ensures that you do not run ads on low stock products. Their all in one platform keeps the teams informed about all aspects of business while running their ads.


CommerceIQ pricing is not publicly available. From what we know, their pricing includes a service model and is upwards of $100k/y.

3. Quartile

Best for: Enterprise, large catalog, AI

Quartile is an automated solution for PPC advertising for Amazon, Walmart, Google and Facebook. With both upper and lower funnel advertising under its purview, Quartile is a full funnel advertising solution. It is known for its black-box optimization algorithm which helps brands and sellers with large catalogues automate advertising.


  • AI-based Bidding automation – Quartile uses intelligence from your existing campaigns, learns from it and creates single ASIN, single KW campaigns and optimizes it for target ACOS. This is especially great for large catalog sellers/ agencies that can automate advertising for thousands of ASINs in almost no time.

  • Automatic Campaign Creation – Quartile will create auto campaigns for your ASINs then harvest every single search term that comes out of them and turn it into its own single keyword campaign. This can be useful for expanding your reach but can leave you with 10,000+ campaigns if you’re not careful.

  • Objective-based ads – You can create goals like “New Product Launch” and “Conservative optimization” to help you optimize ads according to your objectives.

In addition to above, Quartile offers a dedicated account manager to onboard you on the platform and set you up.


Quartile works exclusively on long-term contracts that can span up to several years. Their pricing starts at $895/month and can go up to $10k monthly depending on your ad spend, making them an expensive alternative to Teikametrics.

4. Pacvue

Best for: mid-market, Enterprise, Support

Pacvue is one of the most popular PPC softwares. It is best known for its rule-based automation and ability to automate 90+ marketplaces around the world. Pacvue and Helium 10 recently merged under one umbrella brand.


  • Rule-Based and Algorithmic Automation – Pacvue has both rule based and ML based advertising automation. Pacvue’s ML based algorithms are still early and we are not completely sure of their capabilities. However, their rule-based automation is a powerful and encompasses a lot of metrics to hinge on.

  • Complete sales analytics: Pacvue offers complete sales automation platform as you can manage coupons, promotions and SEO also, on their platform.

  • Clear Analytics – Pacvue’s account level analytics shows data on market share, share of voice across marketplaces. That not only helps you assess the performance and impact of ads, but also of your complete account.

  • Insights and recommendations – With powerful insights, you can make better ad decisions like allocating more ad spends to certain products or certain campaign types.


Like other enterprise grade softwares, Pacvue also does not reveal its pricing. However it is known that it starts from $500/m.


Best for: Enterprise

SKAI is an enterprise grade PPC automation software for Amazon, and 80+ other platforms. They are specially known for their inbuilt customizations for large companies. SKAI’s inhouse tech and customer success teams are built for handling integration across different advertising platforms. Mostly used by enterprise customers, they are also a viable Teikametrics alternative for medium size sellers/ agencies that are looking to scale/ need customizations.


  • Rule-Based Automation – SKAI offers detailed rule based automation for enterprise customers that need control. While this is great for control, but it requires great deal of handholding for ad teams to get onboarded.

  • Full Funnel Advertising – Skai can connect to 80+ advertising platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Google etc.. Hence it makes up for a perfect full funnel advertising solution.

  • Experimentation: You can set up strategies to test before finalizing a winning strategy and get better results by zeroing in on it.

  • Forecasting: SKAI provides some level of forecasting of ACOS change with increase in spends. Having said that, we are not sure of the effectiveness of the forecasting tool.


SKAI does not publicly reveal their pricing (typically the case with enterprise softwares). Their pricing starts at $800/m and increases from there as a % of ad spends.

6. M19

Best for: Mid-market, agencies

M19 is an Amazon PPC automation software that helps with bid and budget automation by creating strategies*. SM19 works by grouping all campaigns of a specific product and taking targets basis that. They’re very easy to use and come with plenty of options that make them a strong Teikametrics alternative.


  • Target research tools – You can find more KWs and product targets (outside of the search term reports) using M19’s proprietary tools. With simple seed KWs, you can find more/ similar KWs that can be added straight into your campaigns.

  • Organic Ranking Tools – Using M19, you can avoid PPC cannibalization. You can set up automation to reduce TOS when you are already ranking on those keywords organically.

  • Hourly Day Parting – You can evaluate hourly data and adjust bids and budgets accordingly – or set up automations on their dayparting features.

  • Automated AI Bidding – M19 offers a completely automated AI-based bidding algorithm and they can get you started almost immediately.

Having said that you cannot optimize your current campaigns on M19, similar to Perpetua. M19 only makes changes to the new campaigns that its algorithm generates.


M19 has a unique pricing structure. Its pricing depends on your ad spends AND number of ad strategies set up:

$400/month for 4 ‘strategies*’

$400 + 3% for 10 ‘strategies*’

*A strategy stands for an m19 automation per ad type that will create different amazon campaigns depending on the setup. The limit on strategies is per marketplace.

7. Intentwise

Best for: Mid-market and enterprise

Intentwise is a full funnel advertising software covering Amazon, Walmart, Criteo, Target etc. Their rule based as well as algorithm-based automation works well for larger agencies that look for control vs. convenience. Intentwise’s latest focus is on their Ecommerce cloud. It automates analytics and reporting from Amazon Marketing Cloud for DSP advertisers.


  • Recommendation Engine: Intentwise provides guidance on bid management, targeting optimization, product optimization and other important optimization levers. This helps users focus on taking actions and developing strategies, while intentwise analyses data and provides insights to take quicker action.

  • Rule and algorithm-based optimization – Intentwise’s rule as well as ML driven Bid optimization bid algorithm maximises ACOS basis defined ACOS targets. The platform is super easy to use and customers can onboard quickly to start utilizing it. Intentwise also offers managed support for first couple of months so as to fasten onboarding.

  • Analytics - You can add Seller Central, Vendor Central, DSP and even Walmart Retail accounts to Intentwise and measure performance w.r.t advertising.

  • Competitor insights: Intentwise also scrapes the web to analyze competitor benchmarking on share of voice and content quality. You can use these insights to set relevant goals for you business, track and achieve them.


Intentwise pricing is not disclosed on its website. From what we know, it is tier based according to ad spends. They also have discounts for annual contracts over and above their monthly pricing.

Another thing about Intentwise is their modular pricing. You can add Analytics and Power BI/ Looker exports to your contract for extra fee.

8. Perpetua

Best for: Mid-market

Perpetua is a popular PPC tool that provides a combined solution for Amazon, Walmart, Instacart sellers and agencies. Their easy to use advertising automation helps sellers take quick actions for PPC advertising. Let’s look at the functionalities that Perpetua provides on their platform:


  • Fixed Campaign Creator –The main feature of Perpetua is that it does not make any changes to your existing campaigns. But it uses data from existing campaigns to create Perpetua’s unique goals i.e product-wise campaigns.

  • Hands off the wheel - Perpetua’s ad platform is automated basis default settings. It means that Perpetua is super quick to set up and execute, but it also means that it results in lack of control for larger, more detail oriented agencies.

  • Sponsored brands video builder: You can create custom videos and images for display campaigns and sponsored brand campaigns directly on Perpetua’s platform. It comes at an additional cost though.

  • Share of voice: Perpetua is one of the few softwares that also provide share of voice at KW level at a small cost of 50$/m. With this information, sellers and agencies are able to identify real time improvements in search ranks through Perpetua’s automated KW harvesting and bidding automation algorithm.


Perpetua’s pricing depends on seller/ agency’s total ad spends. This tiered model allows for flexibility in pricing, adjusting as ad spend increases within specified thresholds.

  • Flat $250/month: Applies until the ad spend reaches $5,000.

  • Starting $550/month: Applicable until the ad spend hits $10,000.

  • $550/month + percentage of spend: After $10,000 in ad spend, the monthly fee remains at $550, but an additional percentage of the spend is charged until the ad spend reaches $200,000

9. Adtomic

Best for: Beginners

Adtomic is Helium10’s Amazon PPC Automation software. It provides basic rule based automation and clean and easy user interface, that makes it a great Tiekametrics alternative. Adtomic really simplifies advertising automation by removing all distractions and advanced features – so that customers can start using it asap.


  • Benefit From The Helium10 Ecosystem – KW research takes up 10-15% of your time. The biggest benefit of using Adtomic is that you can leverage in-app data from KW research directly into your campaigns.

  • Harvesting and Negation – Adtomic offers customizable rules for keyword harvesting and KW negation you’re your search term reports, really bringing down efforts to take these actions weekly.

  • Objective-based Settings – Adtomic offers 3 preset settings: Launch, Grow and Liquidate. These settings enable sellers to promptly synchronize their campaign strategy with their overarching account strategy on the Adtomic platform.

  • Bid Adjustments – Although adtomic does not have rule based or ML based bid adjustments, it does have bulk adjustment features which help sellers take quick actions and save time.


Adtomic offers a tiered pricing:

Platinum and Diamond: $199/month (for up to $10k/month)

For ad spends > $10K/m : $199 + 2% of ad spends

10. Sellerapp

Best for: Beginners

Sellerapp is a Singapore based company that builds multiple tools for Amazon Sellers and agencies. Their budget friendly PPC automation software is great for sellers who are starting out on Amazon and managing advertising inhouse. Their most important feature is rule based automation which allows sellers to take bulk actions on advertising.


  • Bulk Actions: With Sellerapp’s bulk features, you can easily make changes to multiple campaigns at once and save time. This includes making changes to KWs, search terms and placement data from multiple campaigns.

  • Hourly Performance Analysis: With Sellerapps’ Amazon Marketing Stream data and dayparting, you can identify peak performance hours and fine tune bids and budgets to maintain ACOS.

  • Customizable Rules – You can create custom rules for your target ACOS and execute them at any cadence – i.e. hourly, weekly, monthly on the Sellerapp platform.

  • Goal-based Settings – Sellerapp gives you 3 different settings – Launch, Grow and Liquidate. These pre-set goals help you quickly optimize account according to the objective selected.


Sellerapp pricing is reasonable than most tools in the list and focused on sellers that are just starting their advertising journey. They charge a flat pricing for different ad spends, rather than a % of ad spends. Below is their current pricing:

Pro-Lite package: $39/month up to $5k/month ad spends

Professional package: $49/month up to $20k/month


With so many options out there, picking the right PPC software for you can be almost impossible. That’s why we made this list of Teikametrics alternatives to help sellers discover more tools and learn about how they can benefit from them.

If you want to know more about our tool, atom11, feel free to book a demo call with us here.